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22 July

Suffolk Police are appealing for information following a burglary at a rural property in Thorney Green area, Stowupland, on Wednesday 19th July.  Offender(s) forcibly entered a stabel block and stole a brown leather saddle and bridle.

If you have any information or noticed suspicious people or vehicles in the area, please call the Police on 101 quoting reference number 49554/17.

25th May 2017

With the UK terror threat level being raised to ‘critical’, Suffolk Police are continuing to urge residents to be vigilant.

The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre raised the threat level last night – meaning an attack not only remains highly likely but a further attack may be imminent.

Members of the public may see an increased police presence, including armed units, at key locations and events both within Suffolk and across the country.

Chief Constable Gareth Wilson said: "There is no specific intelligence relating to Suffolk however we continue to ask residents to be vigilant. Policing in the county is under constant review and we are looking at the resources and policing of key events in light of the raised threat level.”

"Military personnel are not currently being deployed – but the threat assessment is continuously under review.”

"Our thoughts remain with those affected by the tragic incident in Manchester.

"We continue to ask members of the public to remain alert, but not alarmed, and advise people to report any suspicious behaviour or activity on the anti-terrorist hotline 0800 789 321 or in an emergency always call 999.”

Latest guidance on recognising the terrorist threat and remaining vigilant can be accessed via www.nactso.gov.uk.

Police are reminding residents to consider the security of their outbuildings following a series of break-ins in north Suffolk.

Since the end of March, there have been 10 reports of outbuilding burglaries in Aspall, Wingfield, Palgrave and Fressingfield where offenders have been targeting power tools and sporting equipment.

Police are urging members of the public not to forget about the security of their sheds and garages and to report any suspicious behaviour in their local community.

Anyone with information about these crimes, or who believes they may have witnessed any suspicious activity in their local area, is asked to contact the Halesworth Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Tips to secure your outbuildings:

• Avoid storing valuable items like power tools and sporting equipment like fishing rods and golf clubs in your shed. These should be kept inside your home or in a secure garage.
• Chain items such as bicycles, ladders and lawnmowers to a strong anchor point or to each other using a closed shackle padlock.
• Register your property at
www.immobolise.com which is a free web-based property registration service.
• Remember to lock your shed or garage after use.
• Secure shed doors by fitting a strong hasp and staple (or ‘padbad’). Secure this with coach bolts and lock the hasp over the staple with a closed shackle padlock.
• Secure shed door hinges with coach bolts of non-returnable screws (screws which can only be screwed in and not back out again).
• Replace any rotten door or window frames.
• Fit a good quality battery-operated alarm to your outbuilding.

For further crime reduction advice please visit https://www.suffolk.police.uk/advice/crime-prevention-z.

As the days become longer and warmer with the promise of summer, Suffolk Police are reminding residents to protect their homes against opportunistic thieves.

Warmer weather can bring with it offenders on the look-out for lapses in security, such as open doors and windows, particularly when valuables are left on display.

In fact, since January 2016 at least 29% of burglaries in Suffolk have been as a result of an unlocked door or open window.

Detective Superintendent Andy Smith said: "At this time of year, burglars know that many of us will want to open windows and doors to let the fresh air in, even when we’re in the garden. As a result, we tend to see more burglaries in the warmer months as homes are left more insecure.

"Thieves typically look for the easy option by looking for gaps in security and are often not afraid to try door locks. I would urge residents to look at their home security through a thief’s eye to prevent them from becoming an easy target. For instance, if you can pull your front door handle down from the inside, so can a burglar.”

In the coming weeks, Suffolk Police will be sharing crime prevention messages across its social media pages, with illustrative scenes involving garden gnomes to raise awareness of some of the simple steps residents can take to help them avoid becoming a victim of crime.

The posts will be shared using #GnomeSecurity in a bid to make them more memorable, whilst also appealing to the younger generation during school holidays.

D/Supt Smith continues: "Garage and outbuilding break-ins are also common at this time of year as burglars look for power tools, bikes and other expensive items. Thieves will also look for utensils to help them break into homes so make sure you use good quality locks and keep garden gates locked.

"I would also encourage people to keep an eye on their neighbours’ homes, particularly when you know they are on holiday. Setting up or joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is an excellent way to work together in preventing your area from being targeted.

"Being the victim of a burglary can have both an emotional and financial impact, however protecting your home doesn’t have to be expensive.”

• Lock all doors and remove the keys before leaving the house.
• Keep front doors locked even when you are at home and especially if you are in the back garden.
• Close all windows fully before you leave the house, lock downstairs windows and remove the keys.
• Use window limiters to allow air in instead of keeping windows fully open, even when you’re at home.
• Install window locks on upstairs windows that can be easily accessed by a flat roof.
• Lock back gates using a sturdy lock such as a closed shackle padlock to no less than CEN 3-4 security grade or 5 lever lock.

• Make your home look lived in – use timer switches if you’re not home.
• ‘Dusk-to-dawn’ sensored security lighting is a cheap, low cost way of making sure the front of your home or shed/outbuilding is well-lit.
• Visible burglar alarms can make burglars think twice; get specialist advice and consult your insurance company.
• Hedging and shrubs to the front of your property should be pruned to no higher than 1m and trim trees up from the ground to 2m. This will allow a clear line of sight across your property and will stop the garden being used as a hiding place.

• Keep your valuables, jewellery, cash, passport and deeds to your property in a safe.
• Never leave spare keys in an open place. Be aware, burglars know all the usual hiding places so never leave a spare key under the doormat or under a garden gnome.
• Keep dustbins and wheelie-bins away from fencing/gates as these can be used by thieves to climb into windows or used to escape.
• Make sure valuables are property marked. Take photographs and keep a note of any serial numbers.
• Don’t leave equipment and tools lying around that can be used by burglars to break into your home, such as hammers, shovels or gardening tools. Keep ladders locked away and out of sight.

For more security advice visit https://www.suffolk.police.uk/advice/crime-prevention-z.


Police are renewing an appeal for help in tracing a 24-year-old man who is wanted.

Raimie Watson, of Bury St Edmunds, is wanted on recall to prison after breaching the terms of his licence.

He is described as white, around 6ft tall, of slim build, and with tattoos on his hands.

Despite carrying-out numerous enquires officers have not been able to locate Watson.

He also has links to Ipswich, Norwich and Thetford and officers are asking anyone with information about where he is to come forward.

Members of the public are advised not to approach Watson, but to call police immediately.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call Suffolk Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Police Connect Team

Speeding in villages

Tim Passmore, Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk, has sent a letter to all Parish Councils about the Constabulary's approach to reports of speeding in Suffolk villages.  Click here to read the letter.

We all lead busy lives, but when people visit our homes offering us a service, how can you tell genuine callers from possible criminals? WARNING REGARDING BOGUS CALLERS



Whenever anyone calls at your door, please do not allow them access before checking their validity first and confirming the reason for their visit.


Any bona fide trader or agency should be happy to provide proof of identity and when checking a person’s identity make sure the picture truly looks like the person standing at the door.


I If you are unhappy or have doubts as to a person’s identity and business, tell them to wait, close the door and check their credentials using a number in the phone book for the organisation they claim to work for before letting them into your property.


If you are then satisfied as to the person’s credentials, make sure that they are not always left alone within the property and unsupervised.


If you are suspicious of this person and their intentions, please contact the police as soon as possible.


More crime reduction advice is available at www.suffolk.police.uk or you can contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or crime reduction officer by dialling 101.

Suffolk Police has joined forces with the online property database Immobilise to help keep property safe and reunite stolen items with their rightful owners across the county.Immobilise


Many items of identifiable property are either lost or stolen each year. By taking the time to register property on the Immobilise database, people can take a positive step towards reducing the crime.

Their registered property would be identifiable to all law enforcement agencies across the country. This in turn will help the police reunite property to their lawful owners and will also help to catch criminals.

Almost any possession with a serial number can be registered for free, including:

Mobile phones

iPods, other MP3 players and games consoles

Laptops, computers and PDAs

Satellite navigation and in-car equipment


Watches, jewellery, art and antiques can also be registered for a small fee. Users who upgrade can also add photos and certificates of ownership to their account.

Many items of property which are recovered from criminals are not restored to their rightful owners, as without information on serial numbers or property marking police do not know who they belong to.

If you would like register your valuables visit www.immobilise.com


Keep up to date with Trading Standards news on the internet 
Suffolk Trading Standards is the enforcement service that is responsible for protecting consumers and legitimate traders from scams and unfair trading. We are working to achieve a fair and safe trading environment and informed confident consumers.

As such, we want to ensure that the information consumers and businesses require, when they require it, is as accessible as possible.

We have therefore created a number of ways that you can obtain the information that is of need to you and/or your business.

You can subscribe to our blog: - http://suffolktradingstandards.wordpress.com/

You can follow us on twitter: - https://twitter.com/SuffolkTS

You can 'like' us on Facebook: - http://www.facebook.com/SuffolkTradingStandards

If you have details about any crimes, then please contact your local Police Station, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Keep in touch with Police Direct

Police Direct is a high tech messaging service provided by Suffolk Constabulary, which is designed to bring you up to date information about crime and policing issues in your area.

The service can send you information by email to your computer, by text to your mobile phone, or by leaving a message on your landline.

The service will give you a range of information relating to policing, which includes the following:

  • Latest information on local crime
  • Warnings about bogus callers
  • Crime reduction advice
  • Updates from your Safer Neighbourhood Team

It’s free to join Police Direct and you choose how you want to receive the alerts, via email, text or phone or any combination of these.

More information and to register