Parish Plan

In 2006, the Parish published its Parish Plan.


The Parish Plan Project started in early 2004 when the inaugural meeting of the Steering Group of 12 volunteers, including 2 parish councillors, took place. The village survey, in the form of a detailed questionnaire, was sent out to parishioners in September 2004 and by early 2005, the results of the survey had been published in a data report, which was delivered to every parish household.

Open days were also held at the Community Centre to inform the parish about the issues involved and the whole process of the Parish Plan project. The outcome of all this hard work was the publication in 2006, of the Parish Plan. It presented policies and actions on a wide range of issues, which the parish council, the community and local authorities could work from.

It was anticipated that the Parish Plan could be used as a tool, in a range of ways:

 · To guide and assist groups and/or the Parish Council;

· To be adopted (where relevant) as Supplementary Planning Guidance by Mid Suffolk District Council;

· To enable the Parish Council to reflect local concerns;

· As evidence for lobbying and funding bids;

· To set out the aspirations of the parish;