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Worlingworth oil heating syndicate

Worlingworth has its very own heating oil purchasing syndicate. This is a simple way for anyone in the village who uses heating oil to buy it as part of a group rather than everyone ordering individually. There are several advantages to this: 

  1. You save money. Heating oil is priced according to volume; the more you order, the cheaper it is per litre so the oil you get through the syndicate will be cheaper per litre than you could achieve yourself. You also save money on your telephone bill as there is no telephoning round during the day looking for a competitive price every time you need oil.
  2. You will often achieve better terms and conditions than you could on your own. For example, the syndicate is sometimes able to negotiate away charges for using credit cards, or the need for new customers to pay in advance.

The village benefits because there are fewer oil tankers visiting the village, making the roads safer and cutting down on pollution.

The Worlingworth Oil Syndicate is a run by a volunteer who is resident in the village and it is free of charge to be a member. It is only open to residents of Worlingworth.

 If you would like to join the syndicate or if you have any questions then please contact James Connelly. Tel: 01728 627952


Eggs and local produce available within the village, news from Worlingworth Hall. 

We now have a second vending machine!

This one is refrigerated and is presently selling Marybelle Dairy’s milk and milk products, Procter’s Sausages and bacon & ham from Clarke’s Family Butchers of Bramfield.  These are all local producers of quality products that we believe will complement our eggs.  However, Procter’s Sausages may not be so well known as the other two suppliers so I’ve attached a recent flyer of theirs to give you more information.  Lavinia and I have known them for a long time.  You’ll see that have a very wide range of flavours.  At the moment we aren’t trying to stock anything like all of them!  Just the following:

Ø  Old English Breakfast

Ø  Cambridge (gluten free)

Ø  Suffolk Orchard

Ø  Suffolk Pride

Ø  Sausagemeat

But we’re open to suggestions for any other flavours to stock.  So please do let us know.

Do come and have  look at the new machine and let us have your thoughts and suggestions.  Especially if there’s anything else you would like to see us stock do please let us know.  We’ll be very happy to consider it.

The other development that may interest you is that we have some Red Poll beef available again.  Available in freezer packs of either an eighth (approx 20 kg) or a quarter (approx 40 kg) of an animal and made up with:

Ø  Joints (medium sized in the eighths and larger in the quarters).

Ø  Steaks – fillet, sirloin & rump (in packs of 2 or 4)

Ø  Diced beef & stewing steaks etc (in packs of approx 500 gm)

Ø  Mince (in packs of approx 500 gm)

Prices are:

Ø  Eighth – £10.14 per kg – approx cost £200

Ø  Quarter - £9.22 per kg – approx cost £400

The beef is (we believe!) very different from most conventionally produced beef, being from a rare breed, slow grown (nearly 30 months old, giving them three summers at grass), grass fed and hung for up to 28 days.  All of which gives a wonderful succulent flavour that is unique, delicious and excellent value for money!

So, don’t delay, put your order in now!

Finally, I regret to inform you that the 21st century has even caught up with us!  A new website www.worlingworthhall.co.uk will be going on line very shortly!  Do have a look at it and again let us have your thoughts and comments.

We look forward to hearing from you (hopefully with a beef order!).

Kind regards

James Wells


C E J & L C Wells

01728 628762

07768 866958


Village grocer

The village grocer is a mobile grocery shop based in Woodbridge.  It visits Worlingworth each Monday between 14.45 and 15.30.  See the poster for more information or visit the mobile grocer's website..

Newspaper Delivery

Daily deliveries are provided by Stephen Tuckwell on 01728 685385


Post Office

The village Outreach Post Office is open at the Sports Pavilion, Long Green, Bedfield every Tuesday between 09.15 and 11.15 hours.


Medical Loan

For more information on medical equipment that can be borrowed.  Please contact Mrs A Philips 01728 685651



Mobile library

Saxmundham Mobile Library calls every 4 weeks on Thursdays 
Dates for May and June are 5th May, 2nd June and 30th June

Kenton: Garneys Close 12.20 to 12.35,                                                      
Bedfield: Southolt Road 13.40 to 14.05
Worlingworth: Shop St, Springfield House 14.10 to 14.30, Church Road 14.35 to 14.50


If you live in Suffolk or a neighbouring county, you can complete the online form and have your card posted to you. You can also visit any Suffolk Mobile library with proof of identification and we will give you a library card. It’s free. Children and young people up to the age of 16 need a guarantor. To use any of our online services you will also need a PIN. If you do not know your PIN please contact a member of staff, telephone 01473 263838 or email help@suffolklibraries.co.uk with proof of identification.


Books on mobile libraries can be borrowed for eight weeks. If they are not returned on time an overdue charge is applied. This charge rises for each mobile library visit missed.  If, for any reason, the mobile library is unable to call then this will be taken into account when any charge is calculated.


Media type Loan period Charge Overdue charge* Maximum overdue
Books (adult) 8 weeks FREE 13p per visit 91p
Books (children and young people) 8 weeks FREE 1p per visit 10p
DVD Premier 4 weeks £3.00 66p per visit £4.62
DVD (1 or 2 discs) 4 weeks £1.00 33p per visit £2.31
DVD (3+ discs) 4 weeks £2.00 66p per visit £4.62
Games 4 weeks £3.00 78p per visit £5.46
Spoken Word (1-2 cass/CD) 8 weeks FREE 13p per visit 91p
Spoken Word (3+ cass/CD) 8 weeks FREE 25p per visit £1.75
CDs – music 4 weeks £1.25 13p per visit 91p
CDROMs – leisure 8 weeks £1.55 28p per visit £1.96
CDROMs – education 8 weeks FREE 28p per visit £1.96
Language courses – 1-2 12 weeks FREE 26p per visit £1.82
Language courses – 3+ 12 weeks FREE 37p per visit £2.59
* Overdue charge for each mobile library visit missed
If items have not been returned, overdue notices are sent after the 4th and 7th visit missed, and a bill for replacement is sent after the 10th visit missed. The bill includes the overdue charge as well as the replacement cost.NB Overdues are charged to a maximum of 7 visits missed