Village recorder

Worlingworth Village Recorder

The village is currently without a village recorder.  However, steps are being taken to recruit a new recorder.  Recorders are part of the Suffolk History Recorder Scheme which is run by the Suffolk Local History Council.

The purpose of the Suffolk Local History Council is to encourage and support the study of local history and to act as an umbrella organization for groups and individuals with similar interests in the county of Suffolk.

They are a registered charity financed by their members.  They are governed by an elected Executive Committee, all of whom are trustees as well as volunteers.

Their activities include:

  • producing a twice yearly journal, the Suffolk Review, which publishes current research on Suffolk local history.
  • circulating a twice yearly Newsletter keeping members in touch with the local history scene across the county of Suffolk.
  • producing a twice yearly Calendar of Events listing lectures, courses and exhibitions of interest to local historians.
  • a yearly lecture on a topic of recent historical research at our AGM held each November.
  • a local history conference featuring talks and presentations of recent historical research.
  • Societies Day – a forum for our member societies.
  • Day Meetings hosted by our member societies to learn more about their area of Suffolk.
  • running the Recorders’ Scheme – to ensure that changes taking place at local level are adequately recorded for future historians.
  • offering small loans to help towards the research and publication of aspects of Suffolk’s history.
  • run The Peter Northeast Conference which consists of a day of local history lectures
  • providing a web site for information and links in respect of Suffolk local history.
  • liaising with organizations, such as the Suffolk Record Office, in the promotion of similar interests.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Suffolk Local History Council has no expertise in family history, and is not able to help directly with family history queries. We would suggest that you contact the Suffolk Record Office and the Suffolk Family History Society.

    The Suffolk Local History Council administers a Local History Recorders Scheme throughout Suffolk. They maintain a network of people in the county to ensure the survival of valuable material for future local historians by:

    •  seeing that the present is adequately recorded at local level
    • and being on the look-out for items of historical interest which might be overlooked or lost for ever.

    To do this Recorders are asked to note significant happenings in their area, especially the changes going on around them, and also to be on the look-out for older records and to record reminiscences of their area in the past.

    Recorders are asked to send in a short report at the end of each calendar year, giving an account of activities in their community and the changes that have taken place. The reports are kept on open shelves in the nearest branch of the Suffolk Record Office. When Recorders resign, the material they have collected is deposited for safe keeping with the Record Office in the name of the Suffolk Local History Council.