We had great fun in the village’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Lots of houses put up Union or Jubilee bunting, we welcomed the Suffolk Torch relay to the village (see some of the photos here) and we enjoyed the big lunch on Sunday 5th June.

As part of our celebrations, we invited people to compose a poem or ode to/for/about Her Majesty the Queen.

Below is printed the winning entry, written by Jane O'vel.  Thanks to all nine entrants for a wonderfull array of poems.



What It Means to Have A Queen


70 years.  A lifetime and more.

She has reigned without complaint

Sometimes betrayed by those

Who should love her most.


And still she is gracious

Making an effort when many would decline

Smiling, waving, perhaps consumed with loss

For the love of her life, her mainstay, her rock.


Who could forget her sitting alone

Poignant in black, pale with grief.

She did not protest that we mourned with her;

But sat silently, serenely, with her sorrow.


And today, our Queen, we celebrate you

Who has taught us the meaning of duty,

So much more than an old lady of ancient years,

But a lesson in fortitude, honour, and grace.

Additional events to be arranged.


The Parish council has purchased a commemorative bench which was unveiled at the big lunch.  In time, this will be installed somewhere appropriate within the Parish.

A tree will be planted in memory of the occasion.

We had fun together and made it a day to remember.

Many thanks to everyone for turning out and special thanks to all those who helped organise the events.