Past events

June 2017 Flower Festival

I would like to say "Thank-You" to everyone who played a part in the Flower Festival that took place in St Peters Church during the weekend of 3rd and 4th June.  All artwork on display proved what talented people live in our village, their work added even a more special feel to the weekend. In all everyone made the occasion a real success, with the grand sum of £874.66 being made, half of which will go to Marie Curie.

Thanks to DJ Wines which brought more people over to St Peters and you all gave such generous donations. Geoff and Gay we also thank – as the delightful Bee Orchids in their garden were another part of nature’s beauty for all to enjoy. I certainly was pleased to view them – and noticed Monty Don isn’t the only one who can grow good veg, is he Geoff?

In all, the entire weekend was really enjoyed by all from their comments, and it concluded with a very joyful Songs of Praise.  Joy Cook.’

‘May I add my thanks to Joy Cook and her helpers and also to Gay & Geoff for kindly making their toilets etc. available at short notice for visitors to the flower festival to use. Another very big thank you goes to Mr and Mrs Cazalet for letting visitors use their grounds for car parking, which helped to save the day.

Geoff Artiss.’

March 2017

It was a full house with plenty of happy chatter when Maeve and Graham Wigley hosted the monthly village coffee morning. For those of us who have lived in the village for decades it is lovely to have enthusiastic newcomers in Monk Soham. Joy Cook is planning a flower Festival in the summer so we look forward to sharing happy times with those who have moved here since the last one. Careful coppicing has started on Hungers Green again. The work carried out last year has shown great results and the countryside group appreciates all the help that is given maintaining this wonderful space.

Monk Soham News



3 in 1 weekend

The 3 in 1 Weekend proved to be a very enjoyable time with the 3 events blending well together with fine food and drink at Downham Care Farm, plus a very impressive display of beautifully hand made doll house rooms and contents etc.

There were Fine Wines to taste and purchase at D J Wines. The Church was a blaze of colour, which was much appreciated by the steady flow of visitors, as was the organ music played by several or-ganists over the two days. There were also plants and craft stalls, as well as a tombola table.

The Weekend concluded with Songs of Praise in the Church led by David, our Rector, which was very much enjoyed, with the Benefice Choir leading the singing with great success. Many thanks to Joy and Sue and to all who made this weekend such a huge success.

Including donations, a total of £600 pounds was made for the Church Restoration Fund.


Once again the Pastoral Quire entertained us at Monk Soham with a concert of their normal high standard; this was greatly appreciated by all. The programme had something for everyone and ranged from Bach to all singing W.W.1 songs.

St Peters Church looked very colourful with baskets of flowers on the window sills and two pedestals. Nibbles, wine and fruit juice were enjoyed at the interval. £459.40p was raised for the restoration fund. Many Thanks to all who helped with this event in any way.

Harvest celebration 2014

The sun broke through on what started off as a thick misty autumnal morning as folk made their way towards St. Peter’s Church.

The sound of the bells being rung by Walter and ‘the team’ was as usual welcoming.  How delightful it was to find the church decorated so beautifully for the Harvest Thanksgiving. 

It was good to have Rev. Neal Dear to conduct the service and to see his wife Dorothy again. The benefice choir were in good voice accompanied by Tim Artiss.

Thank you to all those who took part in any way to make this a joyful occasion shared by people from the surrounding villages.

The produce was gratefully received at West Villa in Ipswich which is the centre for the homeless.

Flower Festival 2013

Having visited several flower festivals over the bank Holiday, including the special one at Bedfield, I returned to Monk Soham with renewed fervour for holding an event in St. Peter’s Church next year.

As Joy has been preparing some of the ground in the churchyard for wild flowers, a ‘Country Church Weekend ‘will hopefully take place next Spring or early summer.

Monk Soham has many visitors at this time of year so we shall look forward to providing simple refreshments and welcoming them to this beautiful historic building.

A date for this will be announced in the New Year.

Gay Clarke


It is hard to take in that Monk Soham has had three happy events in four weeks: -

On Saturday 30th June Robin and Tora were married, a very happy time for family and friends.

As the church was decorated so beautifully for the wedding, Gay Clarke held a coffee morning on 3rd July, where coffee and mouth-watering eats were enjoyed on the terrace.  Afterwards we took the short walk to St. Peter’s to see the floral displays.  As always, one feels the peace and calmness as you enter this dear old church, but an extra meaning of joy too, today.  One doesn’t need to know the latin names of flowers to appreciate them, their beauty and perfume filled the air – it was breathtaking and gave us all so much to enjoy.  JM Liststancook


Late I know, but never to be forgotten was Saturday 2nd June.  Firstly, how lucky we were with the weather.  At 12.30 so many met at our lovely new Village Sign – sitting in such a wonderful spot looking on to our lovely church.  Such a wonderful piece of workmanship, even down to the wooden post and brickwork seat, where one can sit and admire our lovely church and fields.  The newly planted oaks are showing their leaves – long may they thrive.

After ribbon cutting and speeches the lane was full of villagers, talking and meeting friends, walking to our lovely “Hungers Green” while the church bells run out.  So many had worked so hard to get the Green ready – tents, games, bales of straw, food and drink and even Chris Hill’s wonderful caravan.  The smell of the BBQ made everyone hungry and so much laughter and fun was had by all.

We are so lucky to have this old meadow full of wild flowers and wildlife to enjoy.  This year our first barn owl chick too.  Let’s hope for many more next year. 

Thanks to everyone for such a great day and memories of our own Diamond Jubilee Day.

We must plan more events for “Hungers Green” don’t you agree?  Marion Marriner

Any submissions from Monk Soham for the magazine should now be sent to Gay Clarke either by email: or telephone 685358 


Dawn, the start of another new day, and what a day it turned out to be.  I’d learnt the evening before that the Village Sign had been erected, this being something new in the Village, and on this sunny morning I decided to take a stroll to see the said sign. 

Up the field I climbed from the Low Road, the air so warm on the breeze, it was truly a glorious morning to be out.  The sign came into view away up to my left, and I quickened my pace eager to see it close to, on reaching the spot I stood to take in all the details and appreciate the design and workmanship that had gone into this splendid work of art, and how fitting it is too, a horseman with his team of horses at plough.  It has been placed high at a crossroads, surrounded by farmland with the church in view, indeed our Village Sign fits well into its home, it belongs, as long ago the village of Monk Soham was in this area. 

Feeling so excited our village now has a sign I headed along a footpath to church, to have a sit down in peace, to gather one’s thoughts and strength, better than any tonic.

On leaving the church porch a squirrel crossed my path, it too enjoying this glorious morn.  I now walked a few steps onto the grass between grave stones, to take in the breathtaking colour of nature’s palette.  I just stood still trying to absorb the sheer beauty before me – to the full, as birdsong could be heard.  To my left on a lime tree, it’s fresh delicate leaves dancing on the breeze, next the rowan, decked with frothy blossom looking so soft above darker green, which in turn made its neighbouring oak stand out even more, who’s new foliage, bordering lime green in colour, then came the horse chestnut who’s creamy blossom make one think of huge iced candles on a cake, all these followed round by trees of all shades of green disappearing behind the church, but at one point a copper beech can be spotted peeping out, saying I’m here too.

After visiting family graves I headed down a path to meet the little road, there I decided to turn right up the hill, stopping to take the last frame on my film, the dear old church of St.Peter standing bathed in sunshine, the trees in all their glory wrapped around it, a truly wonderful sight, one to hold in my memory book.

A wonderful morning stroll, and I only went out to see the Village Sign.

Joy Cook















Gay and Geoff would like to sincerely thank all those who helped to make the annual collection for the Children's Hospice such a success. The coffee morning raised £475 and, with the boxes collection, £3005 was sent to EACH .We do have some very generous donors and some who have continued to have a box even though they have moved house so we are extremely grateful for their continued support.



St Peter’s Church, Monk Soham

On September 27th St Peter’s Church held its Harvest Festival ser-vice. This was made special with the Christening of Elliott Denton-Cardew also taking place.

The Church was a blaze of colour with a large amount of flowers, fruit and vegetables on display. the children taking the baskets of harvest gifts forward before the congregation added to the occa-sion. The Church receives Elliott with joy and trust in God for his growth in faith .

The service was a happy and joyful occasion and many thanks to Joy and all who worked so hard to decorate the Church so well.

The large amount of vegetables were taken to Paddock House care home in Eye and these were greatly appreciated by them.