Bedfield and Monk Soham Gardening Club

Future events

The garden club is having a winter break until February 2018
We are working on next years programme and garden visits.
Our Christmas supper at The Walnut Tree was superb. The Walnut Tree is a vegetarian venue which has a great reputation for delicious food.
There were plenty of meat eaters amongst us who all agreed that the food lived up to expectations. 

All are welcome Guests £3


Past events

September’s subject was ‘The Magic of Herbs”. Karen Kenny from Ipswich who, in her own words ‘does not do serious’, took us back to the very beginning of using herbs in a culinary and medical way. We discovered the many ways that the monastic orders applied them to human disorders.
Karen brought with her a large trug of herbs from her allotment and gave us lots of information on using them in culinary ways. Karen is a very lively speaker and we thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and would definitely have her back again.

The August challenge was "make a dish with vegetables or fruit that you have grown ( or buy the ingredients if you don't grow veg or fruit)" The most

amazing array of dishes turned up, fourteen altogether, some amazing savoury dishes, a courgette cake, an apple pie, and plum crumble to finish with. The other challenge was to bring a favourite tool and tell us about it . The tools ranged from flower snippers to heavy duty spades and everything in-between . Everyone went home rather full. Radio Suffolk and has taken talks on many subjects to numerous garden clubs. She is someone who is very practical, entertaining and good at passing on her knowledge .


On June 16th the club had an away night at Batteleys Cottage Wortham. The cottage is on the edge of the Ling which is a very special natural area of heather and shrubby growth. 

Andy and Linda Simpson welcomed us. Before we walked round the garden Linda briefly told us what the garden was like when they first moved in and then took us round the one acre garden which is planted up for all seasons. Linda’s plant knowledge is incredible. The gar-den has light and shade areas, streams and ponds, very impressive vegeta-bles and fruit and wildflower patches. Climbing roses spilled from trees and the house roof and the borders were stuffed with plants that complimented each other. We finished the evening sitting in the garden drinking tea and eating cake and asking Linda lots of questions. It was a great evening.

March: Propagation evening.

We propagated near to one hundred plants which we will sell at the Garden Club stall on July 8th at the Bedfield & Monk Soham Fete 

February’s meeting was a demonstration by Charlotte Blyth on willow weaving a plant tripod for the garden. Many of us had a go at weaving after instruction from Charlotte. We are now enthusiastic to have a go

September 16th 7.30pm at the Sports Pavilion

September’s Garden Club was a talk on collecting seed from your garden with some history back ground and practical advice on how to do it. There was a great turn out with two new members. The Pavilion was pretty full up. We fin-ished with doing some origami, making seed packets from pretty wrapping paper. We finished with a discussion on ‘Putting the garden to bed’ what it meant to each of us. Most of us did bits of it but not the whole hog.

Bedfield & Monk Soham Gardening Club 19th August held at Bedfield Sports Pavilion 7.30pm

Juliet & Martin Piece recently had a family holiday in Kerala India. They both lived in India for some time and their first son was born there. While they were there Martin and Juliet spent three days with a group who cared about the ancient forests and the biodiversity that was being lost to rapid forest clearance to make way for cash crops such as tea plantations. The Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary helpers led by Suprabha Seshan ‘Subi’ for short, collect the rare plants and orchids from the forests which will be cut down, and re-pot them with love and care to nurse them and bring them on to plant them back into untouched forest. Juliet’s presentation showed us the process that the Sanctuary does with some stunning pictures of the work that is done to save these plants. Subi has done a huge amount of research and passed on her knowledge to many people. Her work has been acknowledged and in 2006 she received the Whitley Award in 2006. This very influential body recognised the importance of her work. This was a thought provoking evening. Although the an-cient forests are thousands of miles from us, cutting them down will have a damaging effect on the whole of the world. We finished with drinks and some home made Indian delights. Thank you Juliet.