Church fabric

St. Mary's flush work /flints July 2016

On the 25th of July, weather permitting, we are expecting more work to begin on the conservation of the lovely flint panels which decorate the outside of our church. Some of these panels are very special and well documented. The work will probably be ongoing for ten to fourteen weeks and towards the end that time there will be scaffolding up for a brief time. If you are going to the church or churchyard do please take extra care.without exception, visitors to St. Mary's are amazed by how beautiful it is in it's simplicity and wealth of treasures.

Church repairs

St Mary's Worlingworth is a Grade 1 listed church in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, built with money from the Abbots of Bury.  At the present moment, workon the tower is being carried out.  Once this is completed, the next task is to maintain this lovely building for future generations by reinstating the flints in the flushwork panels.  These panels are considered, by the Parish architect, to be of national importance with an extraordinary range of images and they have been well documented by respected Church historians in their publications.  However, flint knapping is a very specialised craft and consequently very expensive.

We would be most grateful if anyone reading this would consider sponsoring a panel or part of one, perhaps in memory of a family member or because you have links with St Mary's from the past.  If you are able to help, please contact one of the Church wardens, either Shirley Rutterford 01728 628710 or Bert Stanford 01728 628474.

Thank you.