September 2022

With the rising energy costs, the community centre is in urgent need of support to keep it running. In order to do this, we need to organise more fund-raising events. Unfortunately, we do not have enough volunteers to offer more than we already do at present. With the facilities we have at the community centre we are hoping to offer a film club, evening exercise class and plan a village fete for 2023! We will not be able to do this, and much more, without further support. We would like to cater for all ages in the village and welcome any ideas. We meet once a month, except August & December. If you can offer any support or ideas, however limited, please come along to our next meeting on Monday 12th September @ 7:30. Alternatively, you can contact Carly Holland on 07793986578

August 2021

Boost funds for the community centre via our lottery. 

July 2021

* CCTV is now in operation around the village hall. This has been put in to protect the centre from vandalism and burglary in recent months and complies with GDPR rules.
* On a related note the outside TOILET is now open. Please leave clean and turn the light off when leaving.
* Could we encourage all parents to please ask their children to not climb onto the SHELTER ROOF in order to be mindful of our neighbours privacy.
Also only please use the bottle bank between the hours of 8.00am and 8.30pm

February 2021

Bottle Bank

If you have been down to the Community Centre to deposit your bottles recently, you will notice a new fence enclosing the bottle bank. This has been kindly paid for by Councillor Matthew Hicks from his Locality Budget and also Mid Suffolk District Council. There is a also a sign to alert users to the hours of use of the bottle bank. You are most welcome to use the bottle bank between the hours of 8am and 8pm. The Bottle Banks and Paper Bank are a valuable resource for the village Community Centre and your continued support is much appreciated.

Screen & projector

Thanks to funding from Councilor Matthew Hicks, Worlingworth Parish Council, Worlingworth Charities, The Tudwick Foundation and the Community Centre a cinema screen and projector were fitted on 28 January. The Committee are very excited about the completion of this project and about having enhanced facilities on offer at your Community Centre. Not only will the screen be of benefit to existing user groups it will also allow other groups to form, such as a cinema group or photography club which were identified in the Parish Council survey of What Worlingworth Wants. The speakers may also be used as a stand alone option for music evenings too so here’s to some jolly times when we can meet up!
The screen was fitted by Darren, Spencer & Kyle Butler from Audio Electronic De-sign at Old Buckenham. They have been fitting screens in village halls and churches for 30 years and at Norwich Cathedral so we are in good company.