Trading Standards bulletin 5th September

9th August 2018

We know that some people are buying and selling dogs and cats that have been imported illegally from abroad. This trade puts the health of the animals, and the general public, at risk from many diseases

The UK has been free from rabies for many years. However rabies is still present in many countries across the world. This is why the UK has importation controls for pet animals. 

If your new pet is found to be illegally imported, then you may find yourself having to pay for quarantine and veterinary bills. You could even become a witness in any enforcement action

You can find more information about the trade in illegally imported pets on our website

We've been informed of companies calling your area offering free 'loft health checks', stating they will be in your area soon. Once inside your home, they will then advise that you need work undertaken on your roof, at inflated costs.

Our advice is to never agree to have work done at your door and to have friends or family present if inviting someone into your home.

If you've been contacted, or know someone who has, report it to us via 03454 040506

Do you know someone who has recently purchased a crib from Mothercare?

Mothercare have recalled their swinging crib in both white and natural colourways, due to the metal locking pin not engaging fully on some products.

For more details and the list of recalled products, visit our website!


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If you need advice, or want to report a scam or rogue trader, call us via 03454040506.


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