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With Mother’s Day on the horizon, gifts and cards will be flying off the shelves as it’s anticipated that the UK will spend well over £1bn by this weekend.

There will be many happy mums across Suffolk receiving colourful displays of flowers, which are often the popular gift of choice. But are you aware of your rights if bouquets arrive broken and beaten up, chocolates have been chucked around or deliveries are delayed?

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that the retailer is responsible for the condition of flowers until they are delivered to you or the recipient. Therefore, if they turn up in bad shape, are broken or dying then the retailer has breached their contract and you are entitled to a full refund.

Unless you have selected a specific delivery date, then you cannot claim a refund for a late delivery as the retailer has up to 30 days to send them to you. However, if a couple of weeks have passed after an estimated delivery date, then you are entitled to ask for a refund.

You can also ask for a refund if the flowers do not match the description given by the retailer. Most sellers will say that colours and types of flower may vary, but if they give a specific description for a bouquet and you don’t receive that, you can ask for your money back. You may be offered a replacement, which you can accept, but you are still entitled to a full refund.

For further information on your rights, or to make a complaint against a retailer, contact the national Citizen’s Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06 or visit




️ Warning to Hadleigh Residents ️ 

On Wednesday we received a report of a well-dressed gentleman calling at properties in and around Hadleigh, stating that tiles on the roof needed replacing. The gentleman was reportedly very "pushy" and local residents were left shaken by his visit.

Please warn friends, family and neighbours not to deal with any trader cold calling at their property.

Click here for our some tips on dealing with doorstep callers, as well as to find out what your rights are.

If approached by a trader at your door, please report to us via 03454 040506, or to Suffolk Police on 101.




Please be aware of scammers pretending to be calling from the Ipswich Star, attempting to sell you advertising space.

One Suffolk business lost £1250 to these fraudsters. Read more about this here in the Ipswich Star.

If you receive a call from someone stating that they work for Ipswich Star you can call the paper’s commercial team on 01473 230023, and ask to speak with a sales manager who will be able to confirm if you received a genuine call.

If you are suspicious about any sales call, you can report them to us via the national Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.




Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ltd is extending its recall of selected canned dog food because they may contain high levels of vitamin D which exceed the maximum recommended intake.

High levels of vitamin D fed to a pet over a short period (weeks/months) should not cause concern. Over a longer period of feeding, ingestion of elevated levels can lead to potential health issues depending on the level of vitamin D and the length of exposure, and dogs may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss. Vitamin D, when consumed at very high levels, can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction.

Full details here.


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If you need advice, or want to report a scam or rogue trader,
call us via 03454 040506.









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