Trading Standards bulletin 24 August

We recently seized 400 unsafe fire blankets at the Port of Felixstowe. One of the confiscated blankets was put to the test by us and the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.

The results were shocking, they failed to put out the fire and gave off potentially dangerous fumes.

Fire blankets should only be purchased from a reputable retailer and should display the British Standard number or Kitemark. A genuine seller will always be able to provide you with more information about their products and will not pressure you into purchasing. Counterfeit items often contain poor grammar and spelling mistakes in their instructions.

If you believe that you have a fire blanket that does not appear genuine, you can attempt to return the item. Never take risks with safety items and, if necessary, dispose of them and re-purchase from an official source.

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We’ve received reports of Suffolk residents being cold-called and advised that for a fee you can be enrolled in a government scheme to help people feel safe in their own home.

They have then advised residents that either a member of the police, or a police vetted individual will be round to discuss the situation at a later date.

This is a scam, do not engage with these callers as there is no government scheme. 
If you’ve been contacted, report it to us via 03454 04 05 06 or to Suffolk Police on 101


Last week we received reports of rogue fish traders in the Trimley St Martin / Felixstowe area of Suffolk. 

The scam is generally operated by purchasing packs of fish from a wholesale fish merchant and then travelling around the country selling the fish. They usually use Transit-style vans which are not refrigerated.

The salesmen show a consumer a small selection of fish, and when they agree to buy some, they go to the van, returning with large amounts of packs of fish and go into the house and start putting it into the freezer. They may charge up to £150 – £200. Elderly consumers have said they handed over payment just to get the trader out of their house.

If you have any suspicions report to us via the Citizens’ Advice consumer helpline on 03454 040506.

Do you know how to avoid bacterial cross-contamination?

The FSA had created handy information packs to ensure that everyone is safe in the kitchen.

You can avoid cross-contamination by:

  • making sure you do not wash raw meat
  • making sure you take enough shopping bags to pack raw and ready-to-eat food separately
  • taking extra bags to pack cleaning products separately from food
  • covering raw food, including meat, and keeping it separate from ready-to-eat food
  • using any dish that has a lip to prevent spillages
  • storing covered raw meat, poultry, fish and shellfish on the bottom shelf of your fridge
  • using different utensils, plates and chopping boards for raw and cooked food
  • washing utensils, plates and chopping boards for raw and cooked food thoroughly between tasks
  • washing your hands after touching raw food and before you handle ready-to-eat food

M&Co (Mackays) have recalled their signature floral bibshort in ages 0-3 months and 3-4years after fears that some of the product's poppers could detach. This could present a choking hazard to young children. 

 Customers who have purchased this product are requested to return it to store for a full refund. 

If you are unsure if the product you have purchased is affected by the recall, you can contact their Quality Assurance Manager at Mackays Stores Limited, Caledonia House, 5 Inchinnan Drive, Inchinnan, Renfrew, PA4 9AF or by calling 0141 812 9317

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If you need advice, or want to report a scam or rogue trader, call us via 03454040506.


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