Doorstep callers, mail scams and fish sellers

Rogue Trader Arrested

This week we were called to a property in Newmarket that had been visited by rogue traders. 

The resident had received a call at the door by men who informed her that her roof required repair work. Initially she was told that there was cement work missing from the roof, with further claims made about rotting wood as they started to carry out work.  They advised the work would cost £4000. £2000 was paid to them in cash.

On Monday when we responded to the report, one trader was working on the property and was arrested.

Our investigations continue, and as such we would welcome any information about any traders that you might have been approached by, or who have undertaken work on your property offering home improvement work.

Have you received a leaflet from a home improvement company with details of the work they can undertake?  Have you seen any traders in the Newmarket area that you are suspicious of?   

Please contact us with any information via 03454 040506.

Scam Mail Victim

The picture to the left is scam mail removed from the property of an 80 year old Felixstowe woman that we visited this week.  We have been working with her as her name in on a "suckers list".   

These types of lists are known to be exchanged between scammers who use the names and addresses to target people with scam mail and telephone calls looking to extract money from them.

A variety of scams are used that include:

 fake lottery draws

 prize draw wins

 bogus psychic predictions

 get-rich-quick investment cons

 ‘miracle’ health cures

It is estimated that prize draw scams cost the UK public £60 million per year, with an estimated 380,000 members of the public falling victim each year.  As part of its work to crack down on mail scams, the National Trading Standards Scams Team has obtained a list of 160,000 people who have been identified by scammers as repeat victims. Names of those that reside in Suffolk are being passed to Suffolk Trading Standards who are contacting individuals to make them aware they are being targeted.

If you are concerned about a relative that you think is receiving high volumes of scam mail, contact us via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

Fish Sellers in Suffolk

The rogue fish sellers appear to be back in the County. This week we have received reports of them being in Stowmarket and Haughley.  Trading Standards regularly receive calls from home owners who have been duped or bullied into spending large amounts of money on poor quality and misdescribed fish, sometimes not even fit for consumption.

These traders travel nationally, cold calling consumers’ homes selling the fish. This is often misdescribed, mislabelled or unlabelled, overpriced and sometimes underweight. They are targeting vulnerable consumers and using high pressure sales techniques. More info: