Suffolk Constabulary SAFEkey service

The summer holidays are upon us, and as a valued member of Police Connect, we wish to remind you of the Constabulary’s ‘Suffolk SAFEKey’ key fob recovery and keyholder database service; that protects your keys in the UK and the EU as well as Suffolk based properties.

Over 7,000 people are now members of Suffolk SAFEKey and over £35,000 of keys have been returned to their rightful owners as a result of the Constabulary’s service. So we are aware of the cost and concern resulting from the loss of keys.

Typical costs for lock repairs and replacements



Cut 3 x keys and replace locks


Typical costs for vehicle lock repairs and replacements







Lock set and re-programme


From as little as £1 a month Suffolk SAFEKey offers benefits including:

  • Metal Constabulary branded key fob, with a unique reference number, to assist returning keys.
  • £10 reward to the finder of your keys, courtesy of us, incentivising the return of keys.
  • Suffolk SAFEKey operates across UK & EU
  • Notification of found keys typically within 24 hours of being lost

Money generated above that required to operate the scheme is being driven back into the community to support projects and schemes that, as per the Police and Crime Commissioners objectives, seek to improve the quality of life for those that live, work, travel and invest in Suffolk.  

To join Suffolk SAFEKey, visit or call 08444 121 802. By joining Suffolk SAFEKey, you will be automatically entered into a free prize draw to win £250 of high-street shopping vouchers.

I hope this service is of interest and something you may wish to consider joining, and on behalf of Suffolk Constabulary we hope you have a safe summer holiday.

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Yours sincerely

Susan Garrod

Suffolk SAFEKey Team

Suffolk Constabulary