Today we launch our newest Food Savvy campaign – Back to Savvy – and we would be grateful for your support in trying to reach the widest possible audience. If appropriate, could you please share the attached press release with your editors for local parish newsletters/bulletins?


As an overview, this campaign will focus on encouraging families to reduce food waste through planning out meals and storing leftovers effectively so they can be taken into workplaces and schools. The messaging will be primarily framed around the financial saving of reducing food waste which is timely and relevant given the increases to cost of living.


The three main top tips for the campaign are:


  1. Cook today, eat tomorrow - Cook multiple meals together using batch recipes and store in a fridge or freezer for later. 
  2. Love your leftovers - Turn dinner leftovers into tasty lunches or repurpose them into delicious new recipes.
  3. Be plan-tastic - Organise your lunches by planning and buying in advance. Even just a couple of minutes planning your meals will save you a lot of time and money.


The campaign will be shared with the public on Food Savvy’s social media channels and website. Printed materials will also be displayed at participating libraries and distributed by community groups.


We have attended many events throughout the summer and found that people are increasingly interested in reducing their food waste – and saving money. We share guidance, helpful tips and recipes that help people to make the most of their food.


If you have any queries about Back to Savvy or Food Savvy in general, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you for your help.


Kind regards,




Samantha Oldfield  |  Waste Management Officer

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils – Working Together

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