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Town and Parish Council newsletter January 2017


Residents of Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils will have improved community based locations for customer access points as both authorities continue to deliver their programme of better services for residents.

The programme, which will also see the Headquarters of both councils move to Endeavour House in Ipswich has announced that the locations of the customer services points will be in Stowmarket and Sudbury.

“From day one of this important project we have been clear that for those residents who need it face to face contact will remain sacrosanct.” said Councillor Jennie Jenkins, Leader of Babergh District Council. “Our work to introduce modern and friendly digital services will ensure communicating with the councils is easier and more cost effective than ever. We do remain passionate though about providing walk in advice and guidance. That’s why we’re delighted that we will have a continued presence at the heart of our communities.”

Current public access to services for both councils can be antiquated, confusing, difficult and bureaucratic. Despite low levels of residents making visits to Council Offices in both districts Councillors of both Councils have made clear their desire to ensure there continues to be an access point in each district.

“We will be delivering modern and customer friendly digital services to our local residents, many of whom will already be using online services on a regular basis for their banking and their shopping.” said Councillor Nick Gowrley, Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council. “We have made the decision to end the expensive and inefficient maintenance of two HQs but we also recognise the need to continue to have customer service points in the communities we serve.”

“That is what we have done and I am delighted that in Stowmarket and Sudbury we will be able to offer face to face support for any of our residents that need it.”

The specific locations in the towns will be announced in due course.

Public Notice to change governance arrangements under the Localism Act 2011



On the 22th December 2016, Mid Suffolk District Council, by a majority council resolution, decided to change to a Leader-Cabinet form of governance, effective from the Annual Council Meeting in May 2017.


The main features of the change will be to move from a Committee system to operate as a Leader-Cabinet model which is a system involving some decision-making powers being vested in up to a maximum of ten Councillors who form a Cabinet.   


All decisions of the Cabinet are subject to usual local government requirements of being published five clear days before any decision is made.  The model will also require notification of any forthcoming Cabinet key decisions to be published at least twenty-eight days before a decision can be made, in a ‘forward plan’.   


The Council will continue to operate a Scrutiny Committee.  When any Cabinet decision has been made, other Councillors can, within a certain period, call that decision in for further discussion by an Overview and Scrutiny Committee before the decision can be implemented which is intended to provide a check and balance to the Cabinet decision-making process.


All the existing regulatory Committees (such as Planning, Licensing and Audit) will still continue to operate as they do now.


The purpose of the change is to ensure we have even greater levels of openness, transparency and collaboration by having increased accountability to our residents and a much stronger Scrutiny Committee.  It will also mean we will have a more efficient and agile decision making process, making it easier for both Councillors and officers to deliver the best outcomes for the people of Mid Suffolk


Requests for further details of the change can be obtained in writing from the Chief Executive’s office at Mid Suffolk District Council, 131 High Street, Needham Market, Ipswich, IP6 8DL 



Mid Suffolk Benefit Section now offers payments by direct credit
The Benefit Section at Mid Suffolk is happy to announce that their customers can now receive their Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance by direct credit into their bank account.
There are substantive advantages by receiving your payments by direct credit to your bank account: funds cleared immediately, no postal delays and no delay in waiting for your cheques to be cleared by your bank.