Draft MSDC Housing Land Supply Position Statement 2018/2019

Draft MSDC Housing Land Supply Position Statement 2018/2019

Key points:

  • This consultation draft is being published to test the robustness of housing land supply information and evidence relating to the delivery of sites. The consultation is for a 6 week period from 17th January to 28th February 2019 inclusive.
  • Local Housing Need is 590 dwellings per annum (dpa). Under the Housing Delivery Test a 20% buffer is required uplifting this to 708 dpa [See Table 2 and paragraphs 2.15 to 2.22]
  • A delivery rate on sites of 40 dwellings per annum is considered appropriate [paragraph 3.36].
  • A lead-in time (from the submission of the application to start on site/first completion) for sites of 2.7 years is considered appropriate [paragraph 3.38].
  • This draft concludes that a housing land supply position of 5.32 years is deliverable [paragraph 7.5].
  • Until the consultation has concluded and responses been considered this should not be considered a robust position nor treated as a material consideration of weight in planning decision making.


In October 2018  Councillor Horn instructed Officers to re-evaluate the supply  of deliverable housing land sites in the Mid Suffolk District, having regard to the July 2018 NPPF and to pro-actively review with developers the evidence of deliverability for allocated sites or those with outline planning permission across the District.

This work has been undertaken as a matter of priority and the attached draft Housing Land Supply Position Statement 2018/19 for Mid Suffolk District Council has been prepared for consultation.

In summary:

  • MSDC local housing need is described at 2.18 and Table 1 and 2 on pages 9 and 10.
  • Delivery rates and lead-in times to development are described in para 3.36 and 3.38 on p.22.
  • The Land Supply position is described at para 7.5 on p.35.

The draft statement includes various technical evidence and assumptions about building activity and it is therefore important that we consult on our findings so that they are robust and can give the confidence that Members expect. As a consultation document the local planning authority should not rely upon its robustness in decision taking until the consultation and evaluation of comments has concluded (para 1.10) and a final position been established.

A 6 week consultation will start on Thursday 17th January 2019, inviting interested parties, as set out in the NPPF (small and large developers, land promoters, private and public land owners, infrastructure providers (such as utility providers, highways, etc), upper tier authorities (county councils) and neighbouring authorities with adjourning or cross-boundary sites) to comment on the document.

A consultation web page will be published and responses can be sent to delivery@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

Please direct any queries to Steven Stroud or Bron Curtis.



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