SLHC is an umbrella group for all things history in the county.  Our members consist of individuals, local history societies, family history societies and museums.

One of our projects is the SLHC Recorders’ Scheme, which has been running since 1953, and is unique to Suffolk.  It’s purpose is to record what is happening today for tomorrow.

Record Offices throughout the country consist of documents, maps, photographs etc. which enable many of us to use for research purposes, be it family history, local history, house history, footpaths & bridleways, dissertations etc., and it is important that what happens now is also adequately recorded.

We aim to have a Recorder (or it can be a team) in each Suffolk parish to be the ears and eyes of what is happening at the grass roots level.

I would appreciate your help to find Recorders in the following parishes: Tannington, Monk Soham, Bedfield

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Kind regards

Janette Robinson

Secretary to SLHC Recorders’ Scheme