Standing orders & Code of Conduct

Standing Orders set out how any Parish Council conducts its business.  They cover such  matters as timing and conduct of meetings, financial management, complaints procedure etc.  Some are compulsory but others are discretionary.

Worlingworth Parish Council reviewed its Standing Orders during September 2015 and re-adopted them at its meeting in November 2015 please click the link below for full details.  As part of the 2015 review process a new Media Policy was adopted at the September 2015 meeting and can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Standing orders

Media Policy

A policy for dealing with planning applications was adopted in November 2014, this was followed up in November 2016 with a list of adopted principles to guide councillors decisions and in July 2017 a pre-planning protocol was adopted to guide the way in which the Council will interact with developers or parishioners who wish to discuss matters prior to submitting formal planning applications.  All of which can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Pre-planning protocol

Planning Policy

Planning Principles

Code of Conduct

Worlingworth Parish Councillors are required to comply with the Suffolk Local Code of Conduct for Members.  In accordance with section 26 to 37 of the Localism Act 2011, Babergh and Mid Sufolk District Councils resolved to adopt the Sufolk Local Code of Conduct which applies to District and Parish Councils.

The six principles of public life identified within the code are:








A copy of the code can be viewed by clicking here