February 2017 Edition
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The new year sees a fresh concerted attempt to make returning the Swan Inn to the community a reality. This will take the form of a multiple approach. 
Firstly, we need to draw out the intentions of the freeholder towards the pub and in the same breath try to improve the project’s momentum at village level.
To this end the committee is considering making a conditional offer for the pub, subject to survey and the freeholder’s success in completing legal action for the removal the pub’s current inhabitants. This is a accepted strategy as far as commercial property dealing is concerned, as we understand it.
Secondly, we are in the process of creating a fresh vision for the project that plays very strongly to the historical interest of the Swan which stems back to the early 1600’s. This makes us and the pub different from others as we, the village, are aiming to be guardians of a part of our village history.
For those of you who haven’t read it, I commend you to read the book Worlingworth Past & Present in photographs, volume two by Geoffrey Robinson & Rosemary Ingate, which contains a colourful history of the Swan Inn since records began. 
At this point I have to reiterate our sincere thanks to the villagers that so generously put forward pledges of financial support. We are very grateful for that and they provide a good basis for going forward.
However, much more needs to be done and consequently, we will be embarking on another big push to secure a much greater level of pledges to make our community project viable. That said, we are considering all capital raising avenues and rest assured they are still very much on the table.
As a result you folks who have already staked a pledge, may receive repeat documentation in the future so forgive us for that! Just pass the pledge form on to somebody else who is interested!
We wish you a happy new year and of course “keep the faith”.  


Disclaimer: We take great care in ensuring factual accuracy but cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.





Edition Number:- Three December 2016
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                    Drinking in the last chance saloon!
A big thank you to all those folks who came to November’s public meeting and subsequently felt able to submit a pledge to the Swan Worlingworth Community Pub Ltd (SWCP ) committee. However,  much more support is needed!
The initial response of 20 pledges received is rather disappointing and falls a long way short of what we were hoping for as a starting point. Therefore, we are now going to try to broaden the interest in our community pub project to save the Swan and increase significantly the amounts pledged, if we are going to achieve the community’s wish of getting our pub back. So time to put your thinking caps on and seek out potential investors in or outside Worlingworth, spread the word, and let us know! 
For our part, the committee is now going to look at new innovative ways of funding and generating more interest through more mainstream media outlets and organizations. This will be in the new year.
Remember, a big effort is required to restore our local pub for you the community, and this will just not happen without more interest being shown. Pledge forms are available from or Adrian on 0782 6217840 
Otherwise we will all be going down the swanny!!
Have a very happy Christmas & new year 


Please click here for a pdf of the Swan Inn Pub Friends Newsletter from 20th October 2016.



Swan Inn Pub Friends Club Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Swan Inn Pub Friends Club newsletter, further editions will be published as downloadable pdf files by clicking on the links above.
Your committee will keep you up-to-date and as often as possible with all significant events along the road to returning the The Swan back to full usage.

Firstly, we are close to the conclusion of forming the Community Benefit Society, which is currently passing through Companies House. The CBS will be named "The Swan Worlingworth Community Pub Limited". This is a necessary umbrella organisation to better negotiate with the pub freeholder and begin the process of preparing a prospectus for fund raising and other associated decisions.

Additionally, we are in the process of contacting web designers to produce a "Swan" information website to better communicate with the village and surrounding area at large. This will supplement the "Friends" newsletter. Hopefully, we will find some generous soul to help us in this task!
As to the status of the pub at the moment, all that we can say is the freeholder of the Swan is still in the process of going to court to regain possession. Therefore, we are still in a holding pattern until vacant possession is confirmed. There is no certain indication of the timescale however. When we have some firm news on this then we will arrange another public meeting.

Lastly, I wish to emphasise that we are looking to add to our committee of hard working volunteers who are happy to contribute I.T. (such as web design), architectural design, law or any sort of pub business planning. We would really love to hear from you if you can give your time to the cause!

Please contact Adrian Smith or by phone 01728 628177 or mobile 0782 6217840