A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language’. ―
W.H. Auden If that is so, the 92 pupils of Stradbroke High School Academy, who took part in our Branch Poetry Competition, are indeed enjoying a good relationship with the English Lan-guage. Their use of words, imagination and their engagement with the reader was inspiring. Chairman Bernard Mills, together with the President, Alan King, and two committee members, Joyce Cooper and Rosemary Warne, attended Assembly on 13th February to congratulate the pupils and present the prizes. The Head Teacher read extracts from the top five poems to an appreciative audience. A huge thank you to staff and pupils.
The Chairman is keen to encourage YOU to join the Branch to invigorate the proceedings with new ideas, energy, and a desire to help serve the Service and ex-Service communities. The Legion is the largest Service Charity, with its’ special role to lead National Remembrance, as well as contributing to welfare, care, and other aspects of Veterans’ needs. It works alongside other Service Charities, such as – Seafarers; The Soldiers Charity (ABF); RAF Bene Fund; 

BLESMA (limbless charity); Combat Stress; REFA (The Forces Employment Charity); Haig Housing Trust (Housing) and so forth. It is a member of the Confederation of Service Charities. The Branch meets every second Thursday of the month, usually at the Royal Oak Laxfield. 1130am- Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov, Dec. 7pm Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep. Come to listen to one of our speakers, subjects range from occupations, hobbies, to the strange or informative, …and learn more about RBL. Watch local press, magazines or notice boards for information. You do not need to be ex-Service to be a member .Contact Bernard Mills for more information:
mills.laxfield@gmail.com Tel:- 01986 798414