Highways reporting and roadworks

As some of you may already be aware a new system has been set up around the delivery and process in managing works and improvements across the highway network. Under the new system SCC will have the ability to record and then track requests which will avoid items falling between the cracks and provide resilience from a group of people rather than over-reliance on a few.  This should ultimately make the system more efficient – for everyone - I hope.

The  Parish Councils and residents are encouraged to use steps 1 – 3 below:

1. Initial faults/repairs/reporting

The first point of contact for standard defect reports should be the Suffolk Highway reporting tool via https://highwaysreporting. suffolk.gov.uk  and a log reference number will be given.

(Using these methods ensures that reports are recorded, managed and tracked. The operational performance of our service cannot be audited without accurate reporting and tracking of reports and casework.)

2. Follow up on a fault/repair/report or not able to report online

Please telephone 0345 606 6171 and ideally have the log reference number to hand.  That way the operator can track progress on the case.

3. If no resolution contact your county councillor.

In the case of roadworks – there is a wealth of information on www.roadworks.org.uk  and  this can be used to find out about the plans in the area.  There is layering on many of the items.

I do appreciate that many highways items are very frustrating and the idea is to streamline the system so that less falls through the cracks and that there is an accurate tracking system in place.


By Carol Garrett on October 12th, 2017

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