We're delighted to be working with Anglian Water to let you know how they can support the people in your community who need it most.


As the cost-of-living crisis is affecting many of your parishioners, it’s more important than ever that people who need help paying their bills are being supported.


Anglian Water’s specially-trained Extra Care support team can create personalised payment plans to help your parishioners budget, give them some breathing space if they need some extra time to pay, as well as guide them towards other help and benefits available.


With different tariff options, your parishioners could be eligible for a discount of up to 50% on their water charges, depending on their situation.


Anglian Water’s Priority Services Register is in place to help lots of people with different needs and is completely free. By signing up, Anglian Water can: 


  • Prioritise their needs if there’s an interruption to customers water supply
  • Help protect customers against bogus callers 
  • Communicate in different languages, including British Sign Language
  • Send bills in alternative formats, including large print, audio and braille
  • Knock and wait, giving customers longer to get to the door


We want to encourage you to promote the support services to your parishioners, who may not know what’s available. Anglian Water can provide you with a range of resources to help get the message out to your community, including:-


  • Content for your newsletters and website
  • A5 support flyers
  • A4 posters for your parish notice boards
  • Social media posts
  • Anglian Water representative to speak at one of your parish council meetings


You can contact Anglian Water to request any of the above physical resources by:



If you share on social media remember you can signpost to Anglian’s support pages on their website, ‘anglianwater.co.uk/WaterCare’ so those who need help can find out more from Anglian Water about the Extra Care Support and Priority Services available.